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Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one unexpectedly due to the action or inaction of another person in Indiana, you may have a case for a wrongful death suit.  Wrongful death claims allow family members to seek monetary damages for their loss.  Losing a loved one is probably the most stressful event in a person's life, and when that loss is unexpected or unnecessary, it can be that much harder. It is important to have a knowledgeable and competent attorney on your side. If you think you have a case for wrongful death, contact the attorneys at Schafer and Schafer today for a free consultation about your personal situation.


Here at Schafer and Schafer, we have the experience necessary to help you through this tragic time and get financial compensation to ease some of your burden. The law allows for financial compensation in several areas, including:


  • Reasonable medical, funeral, and burial expenses
  • Reasonable costs for management of the decedent's estate
  • Lost earnings that would have benefited the survivors
  • The loss of love, care, and affection on the part of the survivors


Your Legal Rights


In simple terms, a wrongful death lawsuit is similar to a personal injury lawsuit, only the victim of the injury cannot bring the suit, the family can.  Every state has different laws regarding who can benefit from a wrongful death lawsuit, and it is important to contact attorneys competent in the area of wrongful death to ensure that no part of the case is overlooked. A wrongful death case is a complex case which not all attorneys are qualified to handle. Here at Schafer and Schafer, we have the knowledge and experience to represent you in your wrongful death case in Indiana or Illinois.  Wrongful death laws are constantly under review and changing.  Our law firm is up to date with current laws regarding who can collect and for what can compensation be awarded.  Contact the attorneys at Schafer and Schafer today for a free consultation on your wrongful death case.  There is a time limit for filing, so do not delay.  This is a stressful and emotional time for the surviving family members.  Our law firm can help at least recover funds to ease the financial burden through this trying time.