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Semi-Truck/Auto Accidents


Have you been involved in an accident with a semi-truck on the highways of Indiana that resulted in injury or death?  Truck drivers are put under enormous pressure to work long hours and drive far distances.  Many times the expectations are unrealistic and result in driver fatigue or equipment breakdown, which can cause accidents.  If your accident was the fault of the truck driver or trucking company, you need to call Schafer and Schafer Attorneys at Law today for a free consultation of your case.  We do not collect fees unless we collect for you.  You may be entitled to medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent impairment, scarring and disfigurement, and other damages. 


Types of Injuries


Accidents involving tractor-trailers are some of the most dangerous on the road.  A collision between a passenger vehicle and a big rig is much more likely to result in severe injury or even death than a wreck between two passenger vehicles.  In most cases, the driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle are the ones that bear the brunt of the injury.  Some of the most common injuries caused by collisions between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle are:


  • Spinal cord injury—often resulting in paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injury—may lead to permanent damages
  • Amputation—resulting in extended physical therapy
  • Fractured and broken bones—medical bills
  • Burn injuries—may require many surgeries
  • Even resulting in death—loss of a loved one


Determining fault


Because of the nature of the truck driving business, trucks and drivers are on the roads of this nation day and night, seven days a week.  Many times a truck driver is under pressure to deliver a shipment by a certain time, and driving too many hours is likely to cause fatigue in any driver.  The potential for tragedy in a collision is higher once a big truck is involved, and it is important that the driver take care of not only himself, but his truck as well.  Even if regular maintenance is done on a truck, things can happen, resulting in injury for other drivers on the road. 


If you have been injured as a result of a collision with a commercial truck, you need to contact our attorneys right away to ensure you get fair representation.  Do not just settle for what the insurance company thinks is fair.  Based on the severity of injury, it is difficult to determine how long one would take to recover, and how much work would be lost, or even if you would be able to return to work at all.  The family owned law firm of Schafer and Schafer will stand by you and ensure your rights are represented and you receive fair compensation for your injuries and medical bills. 


Your Legal Rights


Any time you or a loved one is injured is a trying time in your family.  The attorneys at Schafer and Schafer are a family too, and we will do whatever we can to ease your burden financially.  We will take on any person or entity responsible for your injuries.  Now is the time for you to recover, and we will follow through the legal channels to get you fair and just compensation for your injuries, lost wages, medical bills, permanent impairment and other damages.  Call Schafer and Schafer today for a free consultation on your case.